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AppingKit for makers

Build native iOS and Android apps with Expo + React Native

Start building mobile apps
I've built AppingKit to help you get started with native mobile apps quick and easy.
Starter app with source code
Cloud API and user authentication
Install instructions

Starter app

Build your next app on top of this or just
copy-paste some code snippets

Built with React Native and Expo

Cloud API with a full OAuth2 server implementation built on Laravel

iOS and Android

Full source code
You'll get the full source code for the starter app. Build your app on top of it or just copy-paste some code snippets.

Cloud API

All your mobile app's data is
stored in the cloud

Data in the cloud
When data is in the cloud, it's easy to extend your product beyond mobile app – like build a website.
Get your kit now and start shipping
mobile apps 🚢
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